"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge.
That myth is more potent than history.
That dreams are more powerful than facts.
That hope always triumphs over experience.
That laughter is the only cure for grief.
And I believe that love is stronger than death."
~ Robert Fulghum

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Every Other What? What Happened ... Oh and Power Naps

Yikes, I said I would be blogging from New Orleans and regularly ... obviously I set myself up ... so, here I go!

New Orleans was great, as always ... once again, I did not want to come home!  I could live there in a heart beat.  Well, they would have to fix those sidewalks!  Those broken slates nearly threw me out of my wheelchair - oh, a couple of times.  People walking would just stare because we (me, Marcia, Adreann and Cindy) were laughing so hard!   Just get me to Harry's so I can have a Bloody Mary!  Humidity caused Marcia's hands to slip on the handles of the wheelchair and I was headed directly into a car (Adreann ... it was a scream for help).   Yes, there was lots of laughing and somebody saw us - we probably looked like the Keystone Cops.  Please, get me to Harry's!  We walked into Harry's ... the guy who saw us greeted us with, "Hey I just saw you almost crash".  (Laughs and snickers.) 

On the trip back to SA ... we flew Southwest ... have you ever seen the Captain leave the cockpit to help the handicapped on to the plane??  Well, that is who came to wheel me on board.  Plus, he asked how best to transfer me into my seat ... we already had that under control.  I was so impressed.  First time for everything.

No news on my ALS right now, my appointments are at the end of September and October.  I have a team ... Oui Walk - Oui Roll ... walking - I will be rolling - October 23 in the Walk to Defeat ALS (raising awareness and funding for research) here in San Antonio.  Please let me know if you are interested in walking with me.

I am going to borrow from a blog I follow ... and let everyone in on some of my favorite things.  It will be fun!

Fleur de lis
FLEUR DE LIS - While this has always been seen throughout Louisiana relative to the French settlements in the southern most parishes ... many of us see the fleur de lis and think ... WHO 'DAT - GEAUX SAINTS - WE BELIEVE

After Katrina, the fleur de lis came to symbolize the rebuilding and rebirth of New Orleans and the belief that the city would come back from the disastrous storm.  Many retailers carried small coins with the fleur de lis on one side and BELIEVE on the reverse side ... a portion of the sale going to the rebuilding of the city.

Marcia and I have always used the fleur de lis in our decorating, inside and outside ... now we seem to  have more choices to pick from!

Ok, have we not read that power naps are really good for us ... our brains wake up, we are energized and we actually get some really good work done.  Well, "may cause drowsiness" (on one of my meds) is probably an understatement and dosing off because of these pills may not really be a power nap, but that is what I call it. 

One day I went over to a trash basket behind the couch (kind of in a little corner) to toss some trash.  Well, next thing I was startled and woke up ... all the lights were on and the TV was a blue screen with  AT&T - PRESS OK.  I freaked thinking Marcia and Adreann were going to be late for work and why were all the lights on.  I could not quite shake myself awake and get moving to wake the girls up.  About that time ... I heard a key in front door and in walked Marcia. 

I explained everything and Marcia asked how long I napped - in my motorized chair.  I told her I thought it must have been maybe between 2:30 and 3:00 when I went to the trash basket - so that would be 3 hours (it was around 5:00ish when Marcia came home).  By then we were both laughing ... WOW!  Long power nap and I put myself in a time out by the trash basket.

For about a week or so I could blink, be in the middle of a conversation and be asleep - and jump to hands clapped directly in my face.  Another favorite tactic was when somebody said very loudly, "Debbie, are you asleep" ... I would jump, shake my head and respond with a very convincing no.

Oh, and if the computer took just a second too long to think ... Bingo ... I napped.  Yes, a funny thing happened before I woke up ... I slipped right out of my chair.  I woke up (with that weird where am I feeling) and wondered what happened.  I then realized I was on the floor - in a tight spot, on my back, between the wall and chair.  I had to ooch my way out to get to a place where I could roll over, get on my knees and get back on the chair ... taking a 30 minute nap in the meantime!

I knew I could not keep that to myself.  Good laughs on that one!  Needless to say, there was a period of about 2 weeks I could sense Marcia, Adreann and Darren (Adreann's fiancee') looking at me:  was I awake or were my eyes closed.  Sure am glad "may cause drowsiness" just lasted a short period!  Dreading when that may rear its ugly head again.

Sussies - Because We Are Worth It!

Okay,  I have to blame Marcia on this treat ... well, duh, they are located in the same building as Presidio Title Company (where Marcia works) in the Texas Capital Bank Building.  I may be in a wheel chair and my wrists may be 5" around, if that, but I still love bracelets and necklaces, oh and diamonds.  I also have to mention that when Michelle and Kelly (the owners) went to Las Vegas ... the jewelry show to end all jewelry shows ... they saw a bracelet that they said had Marcia's name all over it (and mine by default).  The bracelet came in ... a bangle type with 2 fluer de lis and diamonds on the band of each fluer de lis ... it was too small for Marcia (can we say, aah).  It was put back until another bracelet came in for Marcia.  A little situation happened and I said I needed my bracelet now.  Marcia's bracelet still has not come in ... but I have mine!  I will just say we always have a reason (or not) and Shetler & Wade are always accommodating!

Until next time, paint vivid color pictures of my power naps and have a good laugh on me!  Oh, you can paint a colored picture of me and my new bracelet, too!